Arthur MacCaig

Arthur MacCaig

Born in Weehawken, New Jersey in 1948, Arthur MacCaig directed and produced documentary films starting in 1978.

He produced numerous reports for the television service of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris, and was the founder of DATHANNA, an independent production company of documentary films. He made political documentaries, with a particular career-long focus on the conflicts in Northern Ireland and the Basque Country. The Image You Missed, a film by his son, is also included in this collection.

MacCaig received a degree in anthropology from the University of Hawaii in 1971, and a degree from France's National School of Cinema in 1977.

He passed away in Belfast in 2008.

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Arthur MacCaig
  • I Am Become Death: They Made the Bomb

    Directed by Arthur MacCaig • Documentary • 1995 • 55 minutes

    On July 16, 1945 at 5.30 a.m., in a remote site in the New Mexico desert, America successfully detonates its first atomic bomb. In El Paso, Texas, one hundred miles away, the city's residents are awakened by a silent but blinding light...

  • The Image You Missed

    Directed by Donal Foreman • Documentary • 2018 • 74 minutes

    An Irish filmmaker grapples with the legacy of his estranged father, the late American documentarian Arthur MacCaig, through MacCaig's decades-spanning archive of the conflict in Northern Ireland.

    Drawing on over 30 years of unique and...

  • The Patriot Game

    Directed by Arthur MacCaig • Documentary • 1979 • 93 minutes

    Rich in emotional images, often tender but more often terrifying, THE PATRIOT GAME tells the story of the long and bitter battle for Northern Ireland.

    The film's introduction covers Ireland's history from British colonization to the t...