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metafilm metafilm is the companion blog to the streaming service. A work-in-progress, as OVID itself is, metafilm aims to be a place for accessing content and discussions related to the films and filmmakers on our platform and within our community.

Since was founded with a commitment to openness and transparency, metafilm is where we’ll share information about our content, usage (viewership) of our films, membership (subscriber) growth/declines and trends, and even financial information—for instance, half of all the money that we take in is paid out to the filmmakers and distributors who allow us to make their films available to you.

Debra Granik on OVID

"In this time of ubiquitous taste-making through metrics, I get a good feeling just by scrolling through OVID’s collection, and touching base with audacious thinkers and makers, who have created their films without regard to the dictates of robotic programs. OVID dares to break the hegemony of ratings and dares to step away from the herd."

"A team of cinephiles with conscience and passion devote their energy to creating this invaluable collection and keeping it accessible to the public. I thank the OVID collaborators for daring to keep this project alive in our time."

—Debra Granik (Academy Award® nominated director and co-writer of Winter's Bone and Leave No Trace)

Lizzie Borden on OVID

"I am overwhelmed by the range and creativity of OVID's magnificent collection. There are so many films I want to see. Do I start with the documentary about Bettie Page? Carmen and Geoffrey? Petra? The films of Marlon Riggs? Where do I begin? OVID is a director's dream site - I am honored Born In Flames is part of it."

—Lizzie Borden (Director of Born in Flames and Working Girls)

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