Dance Camera West 2022

Dance Camera West 2022

Dance Camera West (DCW) aims to foster groundbreaking talent and to encourage new work in the area of dance film by supporting creation, presentation and distribution of films. DCW presents an annual international film festival in Los Angeles to bring dance to the world beyond the stage and through the language of film. Many of the filmmakers are female, and artists of color, as dance film has long been a place of inclusion for those not represented in the traditional film world.

The works are short, vibrant, dynamic, and take the tools choreographers have learned making work for the stage, like composition and rhythmic structures, and combined it with the tools of filmmaking, like mise-en-scene, framing, editing and musical scores. It’s a beautiful convergence of two art forms that has created a new form for both. DCW has created an eclectic program to show what the dance world has to offer the film world.

Check out last year's programming here.

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Dance Camera West 2022
  • Short Doc Series 2022

    Documentary • 2022 • 75 minutes

    Featuring behind-the-scenes, rehearsals and personal stories of the artists we often only see on stage. Learn how dances are made from the people who make them. As Covid shutdowns forced dancers to take time away from performances, they used the time and space to ...

  • Short Experimental Films 2022

    Documentary • 2022 • 150 minutes

    International Shorts Programs features short experimental dance films from Canada, U.S., Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Iran, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom.

    On Mending, Dir. Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern, Emilie Louise Leriche, Italy,14:55,Color
    In Plain...

  • Visibility 2022

    Documentary • 2022 • 33 minutes

    DCW received a NEA grant to mentor BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) artists. The participants were shortlisted from the three LA based dance festivals with the potential for a strong cinematic impact on the choreography by partnering them with experience...