Edward Said

Edward Said

Edward Said (1935-2003) was a Palestinian-born intellectual who wrote widely on history, literature, music, philosophy and politics. These two films, one with him and one without, trace his life and work.

EDWARD SAID: THE LAST INTERVIEW was indeed his last interview and was filmed less than a year before he died. Over the course of three days, Said spoke at length with the filmmakers about his illness, his work, Palestine and politics, his life and education, and his continuing preoccupations.

Filmed in Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, and the U.S., OUT OF PLACE traces Said's childhood influences and celebrates his intellectual legacy, especially the importance of his work in literary criticism and postcolonial studies, his love of music, his role on the Palestinian National Council and his troubled relationship with Yasir Arafat. The documentary imaginatively blends readings from Said's memoir and other key writings, family home movies dating back to 1947, and interviews with Arab, Israeli and American thinkers who offer personal reminiscences as well as statements on the importance of his work.

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Edward Said
  • Edward Said: The Last Interview

    Directed by Mike Dibb • Documentary • 2004 • 114 minutes

    Producer: D. D. Guttenplan; Interviewer: Charles Glass

    Edward Said, University Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, was one of the most important literary critics of the late 20th century, and for many y...

  • Out of Place: Memories of Edward Said

    Directed by Makoto Sato • Documentary • With lan Pappe, Elias Khoury, Azmi Bishara, Daniel Barenboim, Rashid Khalidi, Michel Warschawski, Noam Chomsky, Dan Rabinowitz • 2006 • 138 minutes

    Borrowing its title from the author's 2000 memoir, OUT OF PLACE traces the life and work of Edward Said (193...