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  • Roque Dalton

    Directed by Tina Leisch • Documentary • 2013 • 85 minutes

    It was once illegal to read books by Roque Dalton, one of El Salvador's most celebrated poets, in his own country. A descendant of legendary outlaws the Dalton Gang, he devoted his life to the cause of socialist revolution in Latin Americ...

  • Sentient.Art.Film

    7 videos

    Sentient. Art. Film is a creative distribution initiative started with one thing in mind: creating new networks and distribution opportunities for artists. They focus on bespoke distribution plans for films, old and new, that are courageously experimenting with form, content, and the edges of sto...

  • John Berger

    3 videos

    Three very different documentaries feature British art critic and poet, John Berger (1926-2017). Working on an astonishing range of topics and art-forms, his groundbreaking insights on seeing shaped the public for decades.

    Realized as a portrait in works and collaborations, JOHN BERGER OR THE AR...

  • Bikes vs Cars

    Directed by Fredrik Gertten • Documentary • 2015 • 90 minutes

    Deep down, we all know we need to talk about it: Climate, earth's resources, cities where the entire surface is consumed by the car. An ever-growing, dirty, noisy chaos created by gas-consuming machines. Cars would seem to provide the...

  • The Other Side of Everything

    Directed by Mila Turajlić • Documentary • 2017 • 104 minutes

    A locked door inside a Belgrade home has kept one family separated from their past for generations. An intimate conversation between the director and her mother, the dynamic activist and scholar Srbijanka Turajlić, reveals a house and ...

  • Ignacio Agüero

    11 videos

    “Widely celebrated in Latin America, the films of Ignacio Aguero are marked by his inventive approach to the history of Chile” (Cahiers du Cinema). He has been honored with many awards, and retrospectives of his films have been held around the world, including in Argentina (at BAFICI), Bolivia, F...

  • Vitaly Mansky

    3 videos

    Vitaly Mansky was born in 1963 in Lviv, Ukraine.

    Mansky graduated from the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) and began his career as a cinematographer. These films were presented at more than 500 international film festivals, including Cannes, Berlin and the Toronto Internati...

  • Alice

    Directed by Josephine Mackerras • Drama • 2019 • 103 minutes

    Alice (Emilie Piponnier) is the perfect wife and mother, living happily with her husband Francois and their son in an apartment in Paris. When her credit cards are declined one day while shopping, Alice discovers that Francois has been...