• Juliette Binoche

    2 videos

    Two films with French star, Juliette Binoche. Set in Sicily, L'attesa tells strange, irresistible story of the relationship between two women from different generations. Polina is about a young dancer who travels to Paris to study under Binoche, who plays a demanding choreographer.

  • Route One/USA
    2 videos

    Route One/USA

    2 videos

    In 1988, nearly a decade after leaving the US for France, renegade filmmaker Robert Kramer returns. “Back,” he emphasizes. Not “home.” To try to understand the contemporary United States, he decides to travel the entire length of Route 1, from the Canadian border to Key West, filming all the way ...

  • We'll Always Have Paris!

    10 videos

    From Chris Marker and Pierre Lhomme's LE JOLI MAI, to the modern day SCHOOL OF BABEL, these films will transport the viewer to Paris, France.

  • Ava

    Directed by Sadaf Foroughi • Drama • 2017 • 103 minutes

    Based on her own adolescent experiences, Sadaf Foroughi’s Ava is a gripping debut about a young girl’s coming-of-age in a strict, traditional society. Living with her well-to-do parents in Tehran, Ava is a bright and focused teen whose conc...

  • Hyperallergic
    14 videos


    14 videos

    Hyperallergic is one of the few sites with dedicated coverage for nonfiction film and art. Documentary editor Dan Schindel has gathered a series of works expressing both sides of the political and personal split—often mixing the two. From an in-depth examination of Nazi history to a train acting ...

  • A Century of Cinema

    4 videos

    Celebrate the history of cinema from various countries, with four documentaries courtesy of the British Film Institute. From Jean-Luc Godard's comedic take on French films to Stephen Frears' view of British cinema, there is a lot to explore.

  • Animation Domination

    6 videos

    A collection of OVID's feature-length animated films.

  • Stefan Zweig

    Directed by Maria Schrader • Drama • With Josef Hader, Barbara Sukowa, Tómas Lemarquis, Cristina do Rego • 2016 • 106 minutes

    This emotionally powerful film explores the painful dilemma of whether to speak out or remain silent in the face of tyranny. Stefan Zweig: Farewell To Europe tells the st...

  • Maysles Documentary Center

    13 videos

    Annie Horner and Emily Apter, programmers at the Maysles Documentary Center, talk about how they chose the films for their OVID playlist.