At a time when five companies control the vast majority of US media and entertainment, and distrust of the media is at an all-time high, consumers are hungry for truly independent media and contextualizing content. A leading source of revolutionary entertainment and news, Means TV is a worker-cooperative entirely funded by its viewers and owned and operated by its workers. OVID is proud to share a selection of their films and series.

  • The Winds That Scatter

    Directed by Christopher Jason Bell • Drama • 2015 • 79 minutes

    Ahmad Chahrour, in his acting debut plays a refugee from Syria that shares his name. After he loses his menial employment at a gas station, he does his best to navigate the American economy with optimism and good faith. Soon, reality...

  • Sarasota Half In Dream

    Directed by Derek Murphy • Documentary • 2018 • 70 minutes

    Sarasota Half in Dream is a surrealist nature documentary about growing up in the American suburbs, specifically Sarasota, Florida. This trippy, meditative film explores the shifting landscapes, the parking garages, and the microscopic h...

  • Yell, Stomp, Hiss

    Directed by Nick Hayes • Documentary • 2023 • 74 minutes

    Before the modern dirtbag left, or the huge wave of people joining DSA, there was Street Fight Radio.

    Two middle-aged dads out of Ohio have for ten years been at the center of the burgeoning anarchist and socialist movement in the Unite...

  • Good White People

    Directed by Jarrod Cann & Erick Stoll • Documentary • 2016 • 16 minutes

    In the Spring of 2001, the African-American community of Over-the-Rhine in downtown Cincinnati arose in protest after unarmed 19-year-old, Timothy Thomas, was killed by a white officer named Steven Roach. In the years follow...

  • Preserving Worlds (series)

    2 seasons

    Preserving Worlds is a documentary travelogue through aging and beloved virtual worlds. Join us as we explore dated chat environments, appreciate player-created art, and meet people working against obsolescence to keep the communities they care about alive and accessible. Virtual worlds are delic...

  • Far Off Sounds (series)

    21 items

    Far Off Sounds is a documentary series that explores how people use, play, and connect with music around the world. Japanese noise artists, Ethiopian jazz musicians, cult leaders, heavy metal cruises and more. The show tells discreet, intimate stories, in the service of the larger, infinitely com...

  • Meantime

    Directed by Michael T Workman  • Documentary • 2022 • 19 minutes

    After Tim’s work-related stroke leads to troubling health complications, his son Michael returns home to Montana. As they spend the most time together since Michael’s childhood, they reckon with the past that haunts Tim.


  • Una Historia Necesaria (series)

    16 items

    This gripping series examines 16 cases of disappeared detainees and human rights violations that happened during the heinous dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet in Chile.
    Chilean director Hernán Caffiero uses real life stories as inspiration for these dramatized vignettes that grant us insig...