Hong Kong's Resistance

Hong Kong's Resistance

Three films confronting the large-scale 2019 protests in Hong Kong and documenting the modern era of defiance. In TAKING BACK THE LEGISLATURE and INSIDE THE RED BRICK WALL, a new wave of young people protest the loss of rights. Rubber bullets fly across the alleys. Fires ignite. White tear gas and blue water cannons encroach on public spaces.

BLUE ISLAND remembers and honors elder Hong Kong generations by asking today's democracy activists to reconstruct past rebellions. The past, present and future converge within a documentary and dramatic blend.

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Hong Kong's Resistance
  • Blue Island

    Directed by CHAN Tze Woon • Documentary • 2022 • 98 minutes

    BLUE ISLAND documents three people who engaged in rebellions when they were young. Through reconstructing these events, the film dramatizes their scarred memories and experiences by using four young people who participated in the 2019 A...

  • Taking Back the Legislature

    Directed by Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers • Documentary • 2021 • 46 minutes

    TAKING BACK THE LEGISLATURE unspools over the course of a single day – one that marked a critical moment in the 2019 Hong Kong protests against the new extradition law.

    On July 1, Hong Kong marked the 22nd anniversar...

  • Inside the Red Brick Wall

    Directed by Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers • Documentary • 2021 • 88 minutes

    In 2019, the world was captivated by pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Demonstrators, many with colorful umbrellas, faced teargas and rubber bullets for calling to an end to increasing Chinese control of Hong Kong....