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Raymond Depardon

Raymond Depardon

Celebrated photographer, photojournalist, and documentary filmmaker, Raymond Depardon was born in Villefranche-sur-Saône, France on July 6, 1942. His interest in photography began when he started taking pictures of his family’s farm at the age of 12. A prolific artist, Raymond Depardon has so far directed 20 feature-length films and published over 50 books.

In 1966, Depardon co-founded Gamma, a photojournalism agency and then became its director in 1973. In 1977, he received a Pulitzer Prize for his photographs of conflict zones in Chad. In 1979, he became a full member of the international photography cooperative, Magnum. In 2012, he took the official portrait of French President François Hollande.

In terms of filmmaking, Depardon’s style is influenced by the raw, unnarrated approach of cinéma vérité and direct cinema. Both Reporters (1981) and New York, N.Y. (1986) won the César Award for best short documentary. La Captive du Désert (1990) was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. His 1994 film Délits Flagrants won best feature documentary at the César Awards, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), and Vancouver International Film Festival. In 2000, the Kraków Film Festival honored Depardon with the Dragon of Dragons Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Raymond Depardon
  • 12 Days

    Directed by Raymond Depardon • Documentary • 2017 • 87 minutes

    Every year in France, 92,000 people are placed under psychiatric care without their consent. 12 DAYS focuses on those who have been involuntarily remanded to a mental hospital, and more specifically documents the hearings that, accor...

  • France (Les Habitants)

    Directed by Raymond Depardon • Documentary • 2015 • 84 minutes

    The vintage camping trailer making its way along France’s secondary highways looks utterly unremarkable. But once Raymond Depardon parks it—in front of stores, businesses, and town squares across the country—it become the location fo...

  • Journal de France

    Directed by Raymond Depardon and Claudine Nougaret • Documentary • 2012 • 100 minutes

    Travelling alone, internationally acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Raymond Depardon spent six years capturing his home country with a large format camera. This long, solitary road trip provided fertile grou...

  • Modern Life

    Directed by Raymond Depardon • Documentary • 2014 • 83 minutes

    Photographer and filmmaker Raymond Depardon is renowned for his documentation of the French countryside. In Modern Life he casts an affectionate and irreverent eye on a small community of farmers as they are confronted by the problem...