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Tatiana Huezo

Tatiana Huezo

Tatiana Huezo Sánchez was born January 9, 1972 in San Salvador. She grew up in Mexico City and graduated from the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC), before earning her Master’s degree in Documentary Filmmaking at the University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. She directed several acclaimed short films, including Caustic Time (1998), The Core of the Earth (2001), and Absences (2015).

Her newest film, Prayers for the Stolen (2021), has been short-listed for the Academy Awards.

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Tatiana Huezo
  • Absences

    Directed by Tatiana Huezo • Documentary • 2015 • 26 minutes

    ABSENCES, by award winning filmmaker Tatiana Huezo (The Tiniest Place), exposes the ever-intensifying phenomenon of enforced disappearance in Mexico. A boy and his father disappear one morning, snatched off the road by armed men. Left b...

  • The Tiniest Place

    Directed by Tatiana Huezo • Documentary • 2011 • 104 minutes

    On the surface THE TINIEST PLACE is the story of Cinquera, a village literally wiped off the official map during El Salvador's 12-year civil war. But on a deeper level it is a story about the ability to rise, to rebuild and reinvent on...