Environments & Ecologies

Thematic collections of films on the only world we live on and the changes it is going through and what they may mean for us and our children, and their children.

  • One Big Home

    Directed by Thomas Bena • Documentary • 2017 • 88 minutes

    Gentrification comes in many forms. On the tiny island of Martha's Vineyard, where presidents and celebrities vacation, trophy homes threaten to destroy the island's unique character.

    Twelve years in the making, ONE BIG HOME follows one ...

  • Day Zero (series)

    3 items

    Day Zero can be a starting point or an end. Surely it’s a turning point in history. Are we saving this planet for the future or are we destroying our environment to gain more economic growth? Through the eyes of people living close to nature, we are invited to experience pristine nature at risk a...

  • The Time of Forests

    Directed by François-Xavier Drouet • Documentary • 2018 • 103 minutes

    As the symbol of authentic, preserved wild nature, forests are undergoing an unprecedented phase of industrialization. Heavy mechanization, monoculture, fertilizers and pesticides, loss of traditional know-how, forest manageme...

  • Environmental Justice

    42 items

    Much like popular movements to dismantle the scourge of racism, the fight for environmental justice is one centered on overcoming systems that accrue privilege, supremacy and economic gain to the powerful while disenfranchising, dehumanizing and externalizing true costs to people of color and the...

  • Conservation

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  • Energy
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  • Sustainable Communities

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  • Plastics & Pollution

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  • Food & Agriculture

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  • Climate Change

    40 items

    The documentaries in OVID’s Climate Change Collection take viewers on a global tour through the effects of planetary warming, from the melting of polar ice caps to the front-line resistance of indigenous communities. Anthropocene, Planetary, Antarctic Edge, and Strait Through the Ice uncover the ...

  • Water
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